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Game design

Game design is the process that takes lessons learned from creating games and transfers them to areas that aren’t games at all. That is, using game mechanics to motivate the users of a service or a product to keep using it or use it more.The game mechanics create loyal customer behaviour, a desire to return to the product.

A board game created especially for a company could be a funny cadeau and at the same time a way of earning money,  beyond an educational purpose.
Helios Games is here to prove it.

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Gamification design

Some common examples of game mechanics are points, levels, badges, leaderboards, challenges and rewards. From loyalty programs for businesses to educational video games, to rewarding children for doing chores, people have always been trying to better merge work and play.

The game mechanics that you need to apply are about capturing the user and creating reasons to make it interesting for people to continue doing what they are doing. Spending more time, being loyal and spreading the word to our friends. We are familiar with this from games that have different levels and worlds we can be part of, or from our everyday lives, e.g. loyalty cards or frequent flyer programmes.

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