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Fahrenheit 1451

Fahrenheit 1451 is a game set in a library of a mountain abbey, lapped by the flames of a fire and besieged by a ruthless army, and of the last hours of the life of a monk who has decided to save the greatest number of illuminated manuscripts.

Fahrenheit 1451 was conceived as a solitary but has rules to accommodate up to 4 people at the game table.
Requires a deck of traditional Italian cards. No dice. No GM. No preparation.

The manual is enriched by some essays dedicated to life in Europe in 1451 by Emilio Giovannetti.

Fahrenheit 1451 participated in its first version in the international contest "Game Chef" edition 2018 obtaining the special "Prometheus" Mention.

Fahrenheit 1451 comes out at Lucca Comics & Games 2019 in a two-sided volume (on the other side there is Kaiser 1451!)

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Solitary story game
1 (1-4)
Playing time
30'-180' per sessione
Helios Pu
Space Orange 42


Cronaca solitaria [PDF]